2015 Uniform Changes

We have some exciting news coming from Softball Canada regarding the uniform. new hats a mesh style like the ASA one in the picture. and new wind shirts. also Home Run sports will be changing the pant to Fechheimer pants both grey and blue. What do you think of a long sleeve powder blue shirt for those cold nights?

New Uniform Updates for 2015

Over the next week we will have some updates from the 2014 Softball Canada Congress! First up, in response to our latest customer survey, we’ll have some new uniform items beginning next season.First of all, we are unveiling a new on-field jacket. It will be replacing our current wind shirt (wind shirts will continue to be available until stock is depleted and remain approved for use for next year). The jacket will be the official on-field jacket for the 2015 Canadian Championships but we will also allow crews to wear their current wind shirts for at least next year. This jacket is slightly heaver (it has a light lining), a bit more weather resistant than the current wind shirt and brings a bit more style to our umpire brand. We expect this item to be available from Home Run Sports beginning in March or April so officials will have time to acquire one before the bulk of the season hits.

In addition, the ODC has approved the transition from the traditional wool hat to the ProMesh style of cap. These hats will be fitted (no flex fit available) and identical to the ASA style as shown in the image below (except, of course, with the Softball Canada crest). We expect these hats will alleviate concerns expressed about the warmth of the traditional wool models. These new hats will be available from Home Run Sports as stock depletes in various sizes. Both hats will be approved for on-field use in a mix and match format.

We are continuing to look at long sleeve jersey options that may also be available as early as next season.

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