Championship Selections

Join us in congratulating the umpires who have earned their way to represent their local associations, by being selected to officiate at one of the premiere events Alberta umpires will be officiating at. These umpires have worked hard to earn these selections.

Provincials listed only include those competitions which lead to post-provincial play
CanadianU15 A Girls FPAugust 3-7, 2022Saskatoon, SKRonak, Jordanne
CanadianU15 A Boys FPAugust 3-7, 2022Wilmot, ON(Not Sending)
CanadianU17 A Girls FPAugust 17-21, 2022Montreal, QCKoropeski, Denise
CanadianU17 A Boys FPAugust 10-14, 2022Saskatoon, SKHammermeister, Colin
CanadianU19 A Women FPJuly 26-31, 2022Fredericton, NBMotley, Charday
CanadianU20 A Men FPJuly 27-31, 2022Carbonear, NLBarrett, Corey
CanadianU23 A Women FPAugust 10-14, 2022Saskatoon, SKOliver, Jeanette
CanadianU23 A Men FPAugust 2-7, 2022Carp, ONMurray, Malcolm
CanadianWomen A FPAugust 17-21, 2022Regina, SKMike Semchuk
CanadianMen & Masters FPAugust 31 - September 4, 2022St. John's, NLHarper, Chris
CanadianSenior Women SPAugust 7-13, 2022Surrey, BCHutchinson, Kristen
Bauer, John
CanadianSenior Men SPAugust 7-13, 2022Surrey, BCPorter, Kelly
Larsen, Geoff
Canada Summer GamesWomenAugust 7-12, 2022Niagra, ONEmma Jerome Smith
Canada Summer GamesMenAugust 16-21, 2022Niagra, ONMark Taylor
Western CanadianU15 A Boys & Girls FPAugust 4-7, 2022Stonewall, MBDron, Julie-Ann
Western CanadianU17 A Boys & Girls FPAugust 4-7, 2022Edmonton, ABFukami, Terry
Western CanadianU19 B Women & U20 B Men FPAugust 4-7, 2022Richmond, BCDanchuk, Ronda
Western CanadianIntermediate Men & Women FPAugust 4-7, 2022Blackfalds, AB(Pending)
ProvincialU13/U15 A Girls FPJuly 1-3, 2022Calgary, AB(Filled Locally)
ProvincialU15 A/B Boys FPJuly 8-10, 2022(Pending)(Filled Locally)
ProvincialU17 A Girls FPJuly 15-17, 2022Calgary, ABMoore, Robbie
Sutherland, Lynn
Tyson, Brent
Anderson, Darren
Morbeck, Sheri
Organ, Jeremy
ProvincialU19 A Girls FPJuly 1-3, 2022(Pending)(Filled Locally)
ProvincialU19 B Girls FPJuly 8-10, 2022(Pending)(Filled Locally)
ProvincialU20 A Men FPJuly 1-3, 2022(Pending)(Filled Locally)
ProvincialU23 Women FPNO DATE(Pending)(Filled Locally)
ProvincialU23 Men FPJuly 8-10, 2022(Pending)(Filled Locally)
ProvincialSenior A Women FP
INT A, B & C Women
July 15-17, 2022Blackfalds, AB(Pending)
ProvincialIntermediate A&B MenJuly 15-17, 2022(Pending)(Filled Locally)
ProvincialSenior A MenNO DATE(Pending)(Pending)
ProvincialSenior Men & Women SPJuly 8 – 10, 2022(Pending)Women:
Ullyot, Ross
Hutchinson, Kristen
Bauer, John
Porter, Kelly
Markewich, Don
Johnston, Alan
Larsen, Geoff
Updated: Mar 14, 2022

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