Respect The Game

Give Respect to Get Respect


“The Mission of Respect The Game is to educate stakeholders in softball, thereby creating awareness of abuse in the game and building mutual respect among its participants, while introducing zero tolerance policies to reduce abusive situations at all levels in all components of the game, thus reversing the decline in leadership roles within the sport.”


Respect The Game Philosophy

We stand alongside all stakeholders of Softball as partners on the same side, working in concert with them to provide a positive Softball experience.

This philosophy encompasses a belief that, by working together with athletes, coaches, officials and spectators, we can impact our sports experience in a positive way.

The Respect The Game Program believes:

  • That competition should demonstrate high standards of ethics and sportsmanship, and promote the development of good character and other important life skills
  • That the highest potential of Softball is achieved when all the participants are committed to the following core principles:
  • Trustworthiness involves integrity and honesty
  • Respect is what we show each other through sportsmanship
  • Responsibility is being accountable and prepared
  • Fairness is making sure that everyone competes honourably
  • Caring is showing compassion for each person’s role
  • Civility is having consideration for others while playing the game
  • That by setting high standards of excellence for our own performance on the athletic stage, our sport can model the same pillars of character that we ask others to model

If you have any questions regarding the Respect The Game Program, contact Chris Harper at

Respect The Game Guides

The Respect The Game Guides for Parents and Coaches is a resource designed to help parents or coaches identify whether their behaviour is abusive and help them better understand the 20 most misunderstood rules in the game.  It also contains the Spectator’s and Coach’s Code of Conduct.

Guide For Parents

Guide for Coaches

Respect The Game Umpire Card

Each Umpire registered with Softball Alberta will receive a laminated copy of the Respect The Game Umpire Card designed to be included in the Umpire’s Plate Conference prior to each game.  Download and print replacement cards if necessary.

Respect The Game Umpire Cards [Print Landscape]

Courtesy of Softball Ontario

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