2016 Exam Now Available!

Welcome to the 2016 season!

As part of every season start-up, umpires from coast to coast participate in clinics, review new rules, order fresh uniforms and complete the national exam.

This year the national exam will be a slightly different format. In fact, we will have two exams! One will be for Level I-III umpires and the other for Level IV-V officials. The link for both exams is below. Once you enter, you will have to select the exam you are expected to complete and enter your personal data.

The Level I-III quiz is comprised of 50 standard questions (all umpires will see the same exam). The successful completion mark will vary dependent on your level (Level I – 30/50; Level II – 35/50; Level III – 40/50).

The Level IV – V exam will also be 50 questions, but those 50 questions will be selected randomly from a bank of 100 questions. This means that every umpire will receive a slightly different exam. The successful completion rate will be set at 40/50 for Level IV and 45/50 for Level V.

All umpires attending Canadian Championships must successfully complete the appropriate exam. Umpires will be given up to three opportunities to successfully complete the exam. All P/T UIC’s and Education Officers will have access to the answers and rule references for all questions on both exams.

To begin your exam please select the link below.


Here’s to a GREAT season!

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