Introduction – Province Wide Calendar

ASUA has implemented a real-time accurate calendar of all events across Alberta which includes all ISF, Canadians, and Westerns in which we have been selected to send umpires to.

This gives all umpires and associations across the province one “single source of the truth” to plan their seasons.

This calendar can be “subscribed” to from other websites, Microsoft Outlook, iPhones, Android, Google + Calendar, and many more.  The subscription may also be filtered to only include what you want to include (i.e. only your local area tournaments).

The calendar uses .ICS (aka iCal) technology which is the industry standard in sharing calendars, and is supported by most current systems.  Subscribed calendars are read-only and cannot be modified by the subscriber.

As changes are made to the calendar, all subscribed calendars will be automatically updated with most current information.

See this YouTube video which demonstrates all the key features.

ASUA Calendar Orientation

Check it out at  If you need anything added/modified on the calendar, please e-mail


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