Newsletter – Edition 2, Volume 1

Alberta Softball Umpires Association (ASUA)
Terry Richter PUIC, Daryl Helmer DUIC, Mike Semchuk DUIC
May 26, 2022
Edition 2, Volume 1

ASUA Updates

Do you know the objectives of the ASSOCIATION (ASUA)?  

  1. To foster, educate, develop and promote the officiating of amateur softball within the Province of Alberta;
  2. To amalgamate all the Canadian Amateur Softball Association (commonly referred to as “Softball Canada”) umpires in the Province into one (1) standardized body with
  1. respect to rule interpretations as detailed in the Softball Canada Rule Book and Case Book, and
  2. all rules relative to the game of softball as may be specified in the Alberta Amateur Softball Association (commonly referred to as “Softball Alberta”) Official Handbook;
  1. In order to produce highly qualified and skilled softball officials the ASUA must develop and implement courses of instruction in
  1. the art of umpiring
  2. the knowledge of the rules, and
  3. the interpretation of the rules.
  1. The operation of the ASUA shall be mainly carried out within the Province of Alberta.
  2. The ASUA shall operate without the purpose of personal gain or profit of its members and any profits or other accumulated entities of the ASUA shall be used in furthering the Aims and Objectives of the ASUA.


The ASUA has changed the way we do registrations for the 2022 season. If you have not registered through RAMP please reach out to your local zone representative to receive the link to register for your zone. We have moved to RAMP to enable us:

  1. Get the most up to date information from our officials
  2. Obtain certain metrics to get funding for Softball Alberta
  3. Easily communicate with the officials on the most recent events
  4. Information is in the same location as players, coaches, and volunteers


The ASUA worked in the offseason with our webmaster (Geoff Larsen) to create a central location to track ejections in Alberta. The ASUA felt it important to create this online tool to track all ejections and identify repeat offenders. If you do have an ejection you will just need to click the link below and fill out the information as asked. If you don’t know all the details it is OK as your local zone representatives will get a copy of the report and will assist on the missing information. Click on the link and get an understanding of what is required if you do have an ejection.  (also Resources -> Umpires -> Report and Ejection)

Ejection – Alberta Softball Umpires Association (

National Umpires Exam

The national umpire exam will be available until August 31, 2022.  The exam can be found on the following link 2022 Softball Canada Exam Login (

We ask that all officials whether they will umpire this year or not to take the exam. A few things to take note is that:

  • The Softball Canada number is not needed but if available it can be acquired from your local Zone representatives.
  • Important to include the year you started umpiring so we can keep track for Softball Canada awards

Tournaments, provincials and league play

2022 is on pace to return to normal with no COVID protocols.  The local zones have worked hard in the offseason to recruit and train for the upcoming season. For everyone involved if you would like to be included in additional games beyond those in league play refer to the following materials to see if you could assist and reach out to your local zone representatives.

LISTINGS – Softball Alberta
PROVINCIALS – Softball Alberta

Questions or clarifications

If you have any questions or clarifications, please direct them through your zone representatives. They will contact the ASUA if they need assistance in the question or clarification.

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