Uniform Protocol – Softball Canada 2016

See the below for guidance of new alternate uniform usage.  This applies only to Canadian Championships.  Further clarification will be done at Blues Convention.

The official uniform protocol for Canadian Championships is being updated! Effective 2016:

Older HSRS model shirts (the older “satin” ones) will no longer be acceptable at Canadian Championships! Other model pants will be acceptable as long as they colour match the current pants (Mizuno pants will not be permitted) and logos other than our official supplier (HR Sports) are not visible (older HSRS pants may be worn but logos must be removed). Only HR Sports branding may be visible.

Grey pants can now be worn with either the dark blue SC shirt or with the powder blue SC shirt at all Canadian Championships as part of the alternate uniform options. The “double blue” (powder blue shirt and dark blue pants) remains the primary (mandatory) uniform for all championships at all levels. The alternate uniform options may be worn upon the agreement of the whole crew on a game by game basis.

HR Sports, our official supplier, has identified a lighter weight material for the dark blue shirts and it will start shipping as stock is available. It should be available for purchase at Blue 2016 in Vancouver. The existing dark blue shirt may still be used. We continue to work to find a lighter weight option for the light blue shirt.

We are also offering an 8 stitch pro mesh base hat for this summer. Grey ball bags (may be SC crested or not but they must match if two are used) may be worn with grey pants and the dark blue bags may be worn with either grey pants or dark blue pants.

White manufacturers markings are now acceptable on the shoe. Shoes must be primarily black uppers but any small design elements may be white. There should be no white markings on the soles of the shoes.

The new ProMesh hats will be acceptable and can be worn alongside the traditional wool hats on a mix and match basis.


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