Update – ISF Umpire Mechanics Adoption

In 2014 Softball Canada moved to full adoption of International Softball Federation – ISF (now World Baseball Softball Confederation – WBSC) mechanics for all systems for both Fast Pitch and Slo-Pitch play. The exception to this was the 3-Umpire Slo-Pitch mechanics, where the previous Softball Canada mechanics were retained until concerns with the use of the 3-umpire ISF mechanics on the Slo-Pitch game can be addressed.

It should be noted that the ISF (WBSC) utilizes the same mechanics in both fast pitch and slo-pitch play. The use of ISF Mechanics applies to all Slo-Pitch play, including competition using of the mat in lieu of the strike zone and the use of a commitment and safe line instead of a live plate.

To confirm the decision;

  • Softball Canada has adopted the ISF (WBSC) Mechanics for 1, 2, 3 and 4 umpire systems in fast pitch and 1, 2 and 4 umpire systems in slo-pitch. Documentation on these systems can be found on the Softball Canada Umpires Toolbox located at:
  • Softball Canada has retained the previous mechanics for the 3-umpire system until such time as implementation issues with the ISF mechanics can be resolved. The 3 umpire mechanics for slo-pitch can be found in the Softball Canada Level III Slo-Pitch National Certification Manual.

Yours in umpiring,

Jeff Whipple
National Director of Umpires, Softball Canada

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