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2019 Softball Canada Umpire Exam

Welcome to the 2019 season and the Softball Canada Umpire Exam

As part of every season start-up, umpires from coast to coast participate in clinics, review new rules, order fresh uniforms and complete the national umpire exam.

All questions are True or False.

There are three exams! One for Level I-II, One for Level III, and One for Level IV-V officials. The link for all exams is below. Once you enter, you will have to carefully select the exam you are expected to complete and enter your personal data.

You may pause and continue your exam if you remember the access code given to you when you click “save and resume later” (Max 14 days from start date)

After your umpire exam is marked you will be told which answers you got wrong.

The Level I-III quiz is composed of 50 standard questions. The successful completion mark will be dependent on your level (Level I – 30/50; Level II – 35/50; Level III – 40/50).

The Level IV – V exam will also be 50 questions, but those 50 questions will be selected randomly from a bank of 200 questions. This means that every umpire will receive a slightly different exam. The successful completion rate will be set at 40/50 for Level IV and 45/50 for Level V.

As the questions for the Level IV and V exams are selected randomly from a bank of questions, a printable PDF is not available. If you want a copy of your exam, to do off-line, you will need to print the exam from the webpage then save your exam and copy the access code. Once you have completed the exam you can go back to the exam page and use your access code to bring up the exam you printed.

All umpires attending Canadian Championships must successfully complete the appropriate umpire exam. Umpires will be given up to three opportunities to successfully complete the exam.

To begin your exam please select the link below. (If you don’t have a SB Canada Number yet, just input “A” as your number)

Exams for ALL umpires must be completed by July 1, 2019 in order to maintain their status.

Here’s to a GREAT season!

3 responses

  1. Glenn Kruller says:

    Guessing ! take the test later, darn,o well

  2. Sure would be nice if the rule references came up on the wrong answers. Kudos for providing at least a listing of what questions were wrong answers this year!

  3. Webmaster says:

    Glenn: You should be able to take the test at any time. Have you taken the test yet? Do you need any help getting started?

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