ASUA announces the new members to the Education Committee

On behalf of the chair, Kris Hartley (Zone 3) and the ASUA executive we are delighted to announce the following individuals who will be part of the Education committee:

2-Year Term

  • Brad Lyon – Zone 4
  • Ryan Webber – Zone 6

1-Year Term

  • Emma Jerome Smith – Zone 3
  • Adrian Gaudet – Zone 8
  • Ronda Danchuk – Zone 6

Kris feels there is a good mixture of geographical representation with a broad range of skills and experience that include SP, minor programs, adult education and virtual experience. These individuals will all the skills and experience will complement the group.

The ASUA congratulates and welcomes the new members to the committee. Kris Hartley and Frankie Billingsley (who relocated to Ontario) elevated our Alberta region, which is recognized globally and the ASUA executive knows we are in good hands go forward with the new committee members.

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