Softball Canada Umpire Recognition Pin Program

Softball Canada introduced a new service recognition program in 2019, which was to be presented to the umpires in 2020.  Due to the world pandemic the presentation of these pins was delayed.  The ASUA will plan a special presentation when we are able at a future date, but in the meantime these pins will be delivered to the Zone executive to distribute.

The province would like to acknowledge the following individuals for their years of service to the umpire program:

25+ Years of service

Tim Becklake-Zone 3Ross Towers-Zone 4Glen Dolynchuk-Zone 6 A
Harry Clements-Zone 3Ken Wamsley-Zone 4Don Markewich-Zone 6 A
Rick Crehan-Zone 3Bob Guthrie-Zone 5Frank Omoe-Zone 6 A
Lance Davidson-Zone 3Floyd Torpe-Zone 5Terry Richter-Zone 6 A
Danny Baron-Zone 4Doug Rayfield-Zone 5Tracey Thibeau-Zone 6 A
Bradley Lyon-Zone 4Don Carty-Zone 6 ATrevor Stoyko-Zone 6 A
Pat O’Callaghan-Zone 4Larry Desjardins-Zone 6 AKen Jones-Zone 6 M
Bill Kropinske-Zone 7


20 Years of service

Michael Moyen-Zone 3Al Syverson-Zone 3Bernie Buenviaje-Zone 6 A
Ryan Webber-Zone 6 A


15 Years of service

Terry Fukami-Zone 3Edmund Ridgen-Zone 3Dennis Heise-Zone 6 A
Eugene Korosi-Zone 7


10 Years of service

Gary Barnes-Zone 3Jeanette Oliver-Zone 6 ARichard Winn-Zone 6 A
Jake Tolsma-Zone 4Kevin Sexsmith-Zone 6 AHoward Allchurch-Zone 7
Kent Wingrove-Zone 6 M


5 Years of service

Kyle Cormier-Zone 6 MBrian Law-Zone 4Morgan Linderman-Zone 4
James Noble-Zone 3Ron  Lemasurier-Zone 4Devyn Rice-Zone 4
Lynn Sutherland-Zone 3Hannah Shepherd-Zone 4Coery Barrett-Zone 5
Kristen Hutchinson-Zone 6 A


*The service pins are presented to umpires who reached 5,10,15,20, and 25+ based on your anniversary calculated from 2019 and dates were pulled from 2019 national exam information, supplied by officials.  If you did not complete the 2019 exam you were not included in this program.

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