ASUA Committee Members – Call for Applications

The Alberta Softball Umpires Association (ASUA) is seeking umpires who are willing to contribute by joining one of the following commitees for the upcoming year:

  • Umpire Retention – Chair (New Committee)
  • Discipline – Chair (New Committee)
  • Mentorship – Chair
  • Diversity – Chair (New Committee)
  • Education member – vacated (1 Position)

The following is a list of potential job responsibilities of Members.

  • Attend any meetings (virtual or in-person) related to committees of umpires in Alberta.
  • Provide input and ideas to the committee for future projects to further umpire’s development, education, retention, and diversity
  • Provide ongoing leadership to specific assignments for officiating development.
  • Prepare & develop officiating resources including, but not limited to, Provincial education material for clinics, instructional videos, etc.

Selection Criteria

  • Minimum Level 3 Official in either Slo-Pitch or Fastpitch (Slo-Pitch experience would be an asset)
  • Member in good standing with Softball Alberta and Softball Canada
  • Completion of Softball Canada Instructor/ Evaluator Course or Minimum Secondary school completion (or equivalent educational background)
  • Leadership, planning or administrative experience in a volunteer or professional capacity
  • Experience in leading/ instructing/ facilitating softball officiating programs
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Knowledge and experience with technology is an asset. (Video editing/creation)

**NOTE** It is not mandatory for successful applicants to be the “face” of committee. If applicants would rather work in the background/behind the scenes on project creation, etc. that can be coordinated.

Please submit your application via email to:

Board of Directors ASUA

Deadline will be February 15, 2023

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