Ross Towers – DUIC at U18 Canadian Championships

Dear Ross,

Congratulations! I am pleased to confirm your appointment as Deputy Umpire-in-Chief at the 2017 Softball Canada U18 Women’s Fast Pitch Canadian Championships in Lloydminster, AB.

You will be joining the umpire supervisor team led by UIC Tim Whitelaw (ON) and DUIC Bonnie Gostola (AB). Both have a wealth of experience and their support will ensure you are able to make a significant contribution to this event. We are going to ask you to make arrangements to travel with Bonnie (if possible) or with the umpire transportation provided by the host committee from Edmonton. You will need to be in Lloydminster two days prior to the event.

Donna Ozarko at our national office will be your point of contact. She will be sending you some Softball Canada branded clothing for your official events. I would ask that you send her your address and phone numbers.


Jeff Whipple
National Director of Umpires

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