Al Shenduk – Tuesday Update

Hi everyone… just some more info that some people have been asking for..

Al is in the Royal Alec… in the old part now… so go in the main entrance and he is in ICU on the 3rd floor. Just have to follow the signs to get to it. Once you get there, there is a waiting room right there and just on the other side of the wall is an intercom – you have to be buzzed in at the doors. Once they let you in, you must sanitize your hands and that’s it… nothing else. His room is directly straight ahead as you come in the ICU doors.

Although he is very tired and can not talk to you he can write things down somewhat.

If you are wanting to go visit I would suggest that you go during the day as last night when I was there he was very sleepy and had a hard time writing stuff down.

Alternatively if you wanted to send a message to either the softball office or to myself we will make sure that he gets it, even if you wanted to send a little video clip just saying hi I will make sure I take my i pad up to see him and play the videos.

God Bless


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