Update: Al Shenduk / Contact Info

I would like to pass on an update regarding Al Shenduk.

Al was admitted into the hospital a couple of weeks back with several complications regarding his health.

Last Tuesday I was able to go and spend some time with him, his legs were very swollen and full of fluid. Al was very agitated due to a sore abdomen and not getting any sleep. I stopped in for a few minutes on Wednesday and he seemed to be a bit better and walking around.

On Friday Al was diagnosed with an infection in his right leg.

On Saturday it was determined that the infection was a strain of the flesh-eating disease and that they would have to amputate his right leg.

As of Sunday night they will have to do another surgery to determine if they got all of the infection.

If it is determined that they need to clean up some more then they will have to decide if they clean it up or just leave it. I will keep you posted as we hear news and updates.

If you would like to send cards or flowers they can be sent or delivered to the softball Alberta address at:
Attn: Michele Patry
9860 33 Ave
Edmonton, AB T6N 1C6

If you want to e-mail Al anything or mail him something you can send it to my e-mail at President@asua.ca or send to my address at:
125 Cornwall Rd
Sherwood Park AB T8H 2L4

We will make sure that everything gets delivered to the hospital for Al.
Again I will update you as I get updated. Please pass this onto your members as there are a lot of them that know Al.

Sincerely yours

Terry Richter
Alberta Umpire in Chief


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