Why Umpire Softball

It’s not too late to join – Why Umpire Softball?

It’s still not too late to become an ASUA carded umpire

Many leagues have recently started! We are all working hard to provide coverage of games across Alberta.

Anyone who is still interested in umpiring can reach out to their zone association to learn of the opportunities still available to join us.

One-on-one training and weekend training tournaments are still great opportunities to get started with an umpiring career.

Why Umpire Softball?

There are lots of reasons people choose to umpire softball, and lots more reasons to stay involved.

Two young members of the Central Alberta Softball Umpires Association talk about:

  • Why they started umpiring
  • What they have learned
  • Why you should consider becoming a member of the third team on every ball diamond.
  • Life skills they are learning
  • How they manage nervousness
  • What are the best learning opportunities
  • How they’ve enjoyed the support offered to them

Softball is a fast paced and exciting game , that our umpires consistently tell us the game is better to officiate than Baseball.

Listen to these young umpires tell you the reasons why they umpire softball.

Learn more about becoming an umpire

Click here for more info or to sign-up and receive information from senior umpires about the opportunities available.


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